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The Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF) is the oldest non-profit affordable housing developer in Michigan. ICCF has been providing housing opportunities and services for low and moderate income families in the heart of Grand Rapids since 1974. The programs have expanded from housing construction and reconstruction to include an affordable rental program, an emergency family shelter, and an extensive home ownership preparation program. In 2003 financial services became available through Providence Home Mortgage Inc., a subsidiary of ICCF. By creatively integrating private philanthropy with contractual support from all levels of government, ICCF has rehabilitated, financed or constructed 526 units of housing and provided countless hours of housing counseling. Through its programs and services ICCF empowers 1,200 families a year.

ICCF's corporate values of respect, opportunity, and beauty result in invaluable services that go far beyond housing to the acquisition of a broad array of skills that are key to broader life success. Its faith-based program has found tremendous support in the context of the generous West Michigan community. Businesses, foundations, churches, and individuals provide ICCF with financial support as well as in-kind support and volunteer labor. Last year 852 volunteers gave over 5000 hours of their time.

ICCF is unique in its spectrum of opportunities from Family Haven emergency shelter to home ownership. Family Haven's award-winning architectural design features five efficiency apartments that can be expanded to accommodate small to large families in their own private space. Families may stay up to 30 days free of charge and many take advantage of ICCF's 6-month follow up Supportive Housing Program which helps their progress to independence. When possible, families move from the Haven to one of ICCF's 96 rental units where rent is based on income, not exceeding 30% of a family's income.

The Home Ownership Preparation and Education (HOPE) program employs eight full time counselors who offer classes in both English and Spanish. The Introduction to Home Ownership curriculum, written by ICCF's staff, has been adopted by Michigan State Housing Development Authority for use across the state. A gateway introductory class provides an overview of the purchase process and the twelve succeeding classes provide information and skills needed to maintain a home and financial stability. The goal is to foster responsibility and independence that will equip families for successful home ownership.

ICCF is unique in the affordable housing industry in that it is a licensed residential building contractor, ensuring control over schedule, work quality and budget. In the last two years ICCF has begun to construct homes to Energy Star standards out of a commitment to quality and the knowledge that affordability is impacted by energy conservation. ICCF is firmly committed to helping create a stable community rich with opportunity and fulfillment for all its residents.


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